Christmas has come and gone and New Year’s Eve is only a few days away.  Don’t stress yourself out by taking down all of your Christmas decorations before the upcoming holiday.  You can re-purpose many of your Christmas decorations to decorate for your New Year’s party! White lights as well as  gold and silver ornaments are great decorations that can be used more than once a year. So string up some more lights, and hang some of  your ornaments from the ceiling at different lengths (as seen below) for a completely different holiday look. Don’t forget to stop by our showroom to pick up a branch snowflake and some champagne flutes.  Once the party has ended your guests can take home the flutes as a party favor from a party that they soon won’t forget!


These fun branch snowflakes not only make great centerpieces, but also can double as the New Year’s Eve ball!

Ring in the new year with these champagne flutes that say cheers and love in many different languages.